a tuesday taste

Every Tuesday, I plan to spotlight a healthy snack or meal! I thought I’d start with breakfast for my first post. I typically eat some oatmeal or plain Greek yogurt with fruit. I never really think of toast/bread as healthy, especially because I’m usually starving after having a slice. However, I found a couple of ideas to make eating a slice of toast much more appealing and satisfying.

toast ideas

One of my favorite places online to find yummy and healthy food ideas is http://healthy-food.tumblr.com/ – like this image of ways to enhance a simple slice of toast. I love scrolling through all of the great pictures of delicious food and using it as some inspiration for meals and snacks!

I love the idea of incorporating superfoods, such as spinach and avocado, with a slice of whole wheat toast. Any of the toast options above would be great particularly before or after an exercise session – eggs, peanut butter & spinach are great sources of protein.

Be sure to try out one (or all!) of the ideas in the image above to add some healthy change to your daily breakfast!


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