origins charcoal mask review

A couple of months ago when I still subscribed to Birchbox, I received a sample size of the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I finally tried it out this morning because I felt like sneaking in a mini-pampering session…


Image via – $24 for 3.4 fl oz 

Before applying the mask, I gently scrubbed my face with a warm, damp washcloth to open my pores and keep my skin moist. The mask went on smoothly and only took about 10 minutes to completely dry on my face. I could feel my skin tightening a bit as the mask dried.

When I rinsed off the mask, my skin felt soft and even looked a little brighter! I loved the super clean feeling and my face even had a faint smell (sort of clay-like, but in a nice way).

I definitely recommend testing out this product. Sephora sells the mask (and other Origins goodies), so you can swing by Sephora and ask for a free sample if you want to try before you buy! I am thinking of making a DIY avocado mask this weekend too – if it is successful, be on the lookout for a post!


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