weekend idea: play hostess!

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a great week!

Need a fun idea for this weekend? Why not invite some friends over and host a gathering at your place? Since the season is changing, there’s plenty to catch up on with friends and a small dinner party is the perfect platform. Here are some tips to make your get-together a success:


Hosting a full meal? A great tip for centerpieces: put some candlesticks in your empty wine bottles for a nice touch!


Fresh flowers are perfect for all occasions. Don’t have any vases lying around? A mason jar or funky glassware can always be used as a substitute. Always be creative! Just make sure your flower arrangement is low enough so guests can still see each other across the table.


Our lives revolve around technology these days – so how exciting would it be to receive a beautiful invitation via snail mail? Handmade invitations (if time permits…) are a wonderful personal touch when hosting. They can also be fun to create!


Don’t wait for people to arrive to turn on the music! Keep the music on to set the atmosphere. I also recommend putting together a playlist beforehand so you don’t have to be concerned with switching songs or Pandora ads.

A few more suggestions:

  • Survey your guests beforehand about food and drink preferences, allergies, etc.
  • Prepare ahead of time – set the table and bar area, make any cold food items or think of any other tasks you can complete at least the night before
  • Make sure your bathroom is well-stocked for guests

Do you have any hostess tips? Let me know in the comments section below!


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