tuesday taste: panko-crusted dijon pork chops

One of my new favorite sites to check out for yummy recipes is The Real Girl’s Kitchen. It is authored by Haylie Duff, actress and sister of Hilary Duff (also known as Lizzie McGuire…).

The other night I found an awesome meal on her blog – Panko-Crusted Dijon Pork Chops. Check out the full recipe here!


Image via Haylie Duff, The Real Girl’s Kitchen

These pork chops were SO easy to make and full of flavor. I made them with veggies on the side. I recommend asparagus or a leafy green salad as a great complement. I never tried breading meat using mustard before and I loved it. This is going to be a go-to meal this fall and winter for sure.

The Real Girl’s Kitchen also has a cookbook coming out this month and you can pre-order it on Amazon here!!! I already pre-ordered mine and I’m so excited to check out all the tasty recipes.


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