hello april! here are my favorites…

it was a toasty 55 degrees today!!!! i took a long walk in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunshine – i did not have to wear my snow boots for the first time in months. i even got a manicure with a bright shade from essie to celebrate the breakthrough in the new england weather… 


ole caliente – essie 

i love this orange-red color. it reminds me of papayas, strawberry daiquiris and inspires me to go on a picnic. it exudes an excitement for springtime.

each season, i like to make a wish list of my favorite fashion & beauty looks (usually from scrolling through pinterest or tumblr). here are some of the things i’m currently obsessing over –

bumble bee bobby pins


an embellished look


pleats, crop tops & pointy heels


arm jewelry (and cute hats of course)


flowers in your hair


bold colors 


braids, braids, braids (try it at home!)


staying dry in style 


what do you find to be glamorous for this spring?


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