treatsie box review

i have seen so many different kinds of subscription boxes! my favorites have always been beauty boxes but recently, i came across treatsie, a monthly box of artisan sweets & confections. i just knew i had to try it out! i absolutely love this idea of a culinary subscription box and i’m excited to say i’m obsessed with my first one.


they have super cute packaging. i couldn’t wait to open it up! i chose ‘the sweets box’ ($15/month + S&H) but you can also subscribe to ‘the chocolate bar box’ ($39/month + S&H) treatsie would also make the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth!


the presentation is great and i like that the box is stuffed with goodies!


i received three packages of cc made gourmet organic popcorn: classic caramel, pistachio caramel, and rosemary cashew. the flavors are so unique!

the willamette valley confectionery jellies are amazing. my treatsie came with strawberry rhubarb, raspberry and marionberry. i had never even heard of marionberries before but they’re so delicious! these jelly treats taste great after popping them in the fridge for a bit first.

i also got a package of serendipity confections salted caramels. these are slow-cooked and mouth-watering. definitely a must-try.

i think treatsie is such a fun subscription box and worth trying out. it is a way to test out various candies and confections…and who doesn’t like something sweet in their mailbox!


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