valentine’s day treats

One of my favorite things about each holiday is making food that helps capture the excitement! I love going outside the box and being creative when it comes to food. Here are links to some of my favorite ideas for valentine’s day bites!

sweet as pie 

valentine's pie

How delicious does this pie look? The pie crust is what’s really eye-catching here, so you can make whatever type of pie you’d like – strawberry, cherry, apple…whatever your sweetheart loves! Pie is perfect year-round, but i do love it most in the cold months.

cupid’s cupcakes


I am obsessed with these cupcakes! I like how these treats put a new spin on cupcake toppers with Cupid’s arrows. How sweet!

chocolate covered strawberries

choc strawberries

These are the perfect snacks for Valentine’s Day! I think it’s easy to overlook this simple recipe but they are a great mix of healthy and sweets. This is a very simple treat to whip up for you and your valentine.

fruit skewers

fruit skewers

Use a heart cookie cutter and cut up assorted melons for a fresh love themed snack! I love the rainbow of colors. You can use yogurt for a healthy dip.

breakfast in bed 


Everyone loves breakfast in bed, so why not make it even cuter? I found an article on with these great breakfast ideas. I made the homefries this morning – so easy and tasty. I love the strawberry milk but grapefruit mimosas or pink lemonade mimosas would also be lovely.


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