Ever Heard of LUSH Cosmetics?

One of the newer stores in the mall by my house is LUSH Cosmetics. Their company believes in making cosmetics, bath products and perfumes from organic and fresh ingredients. I love the transparency and honesty of their company – they even have a reference called the LUSHopedia to ensure your understanding of every ingredient in all products!

I tried one of their handmade bath bombs and it was SO awesome! But my favorite product I wanted to rave about is their solid perfume line – Gorilla Perfume. It is marketed as “art for the nose” which I think it totally clever. My favorite scent is ‘Tuca Tuca‘.


I was hesitant to jump on board with the idea of solid perfume – but I love it! When you apply it to your skin, it feels sticky initially, but it almost immediately absorbs into your skin. It is very long-lasting and I think the fact it is ‘solid’ is partly why. The Tuca Tuca smell is so feminine without being the usual floral scent. The scent is strong but beautiful! Whenever I wear it, people around me compliment the smell right away. It is a powerful perfume without being overwhelming. I also think it is good for anytime of the year – the smell is very versatile.

Main notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, violet leaf and ylang ylang.

Have you ever heard of LUSH? What are your favorite LUSH products?


end of summer fragrance

Goodbye, summer! Summer is on its way out…but before the warm weather completely fades, I want to share my favorite summer fragrance!


Beach – Bobbi Brown – $67.50

Beach by Bobbi Brown is a fragrance that truly captures the scents of summer. The fragrance is very linear and the scent never really changes throughout its wear.

As soon as I spray it, I immediately smell sunscreen! There is also a strong presence of salty, ocean air with a blast of jasmine and citrus. The beach smell is warm and makes me reminisce the summer beach experience. If I close my eyes when wearing this fragrance, I feel myself sitting on a beach blanket under the warm sun with the gentle ocean breeze all around me.

In terms of longevity, a couple of sprays will last about a full work day. After a couple of hours, the sunscreen smell begins to disappear, but the saltwater and sea breeze scents still linger.

Summer may be ending, but Beach by Bobbi Brown allows me to revisit those warm beach days throughout winter. This is a perfect summer throwback!